What to expect

We are available for consultations and therapeutic intervention.

Information sharing and treatment plan can be agreed after the initial consultation, and we would aim to work in blocks of six sessions. The frequency of the sessions and people to be included would be discussed at the initial consultation.

We are happy to consider a referral enquiry via a brief e-mailed letter if it helps you to decide whether to go ahead or not.

We can arrange to see you at your home, or elsewhere if you prefer, being mindful of the need for confidentiality.

The Therapy Centre in Hexham is available to us for either one to one work, or group sessions. It provides calm, quiet and very comfortable rooms and also has a rather nice cafe!


We charge between 35 to 55 per hour session, depending on the complexity of the matter, this will be discussed at the initial consultation. Initial consultations usually last around an hour, and there is a 50 charge payable at the end of this session.